Hi, I’m Laura. I am a food allergy consultant, working in conjunction with your nutritionist and/or physician. The services I provide for my clients bridge the gap between your diagnosis or food allergies or intolerances and eating successfully. My many years of being a professional counselor for kids has given me the unique ability to walk alongside my clients with compassion, love, and encouragement to see them find joy and hope in their new food lifestyle.

I am a mom of three young girls and a wife who lives and breathes food restrictions.  Our family has multiple food allergies and intolerances. My husband was the first one that required several foods to be taken out of his diet right after we got married. Helping him was challenging, but it wasn’t until I had kids with food allergies that really challenged me. It not only challenged my ability to cook but also challenged me emotionally more than I ever could have expected. My oldest daughter had a few food intolerances that caused skin rashes, but it was fairly simple to avoid those foods.

When my second daughter was born, she cried, vomited, and had diarrhea from the moment she was born. I talked to our Pediatrician ( who I love and was very supportive) at her first appt at 1 week about this. He said it couldn’t be colic as that doesn’t start until 6 weeks or so. He didn’t know what to think at that point, so we went home and my daughter continued to scream, vomit, and have diarrhea for the next 11 weeks. It was beyond emotionally and physically exhausting, my stress level was off the charts. I think we both cried enough tears to fill a large lake. By 11 weeks my daughter had tested positive for blood in her stool several times, she had been put on “hypoallergenic” formula, was “failing to thrive”, and still persisted with the above symptoms. At this point, she was referred to our local Children’s Hospital to see a Gastroenterologist (GI). At her first appointment, we met with an amazing GI that was so kind, helpful, and gave us hope when I had lost most of mine. He very simply said she had really severe food allergies and needed to be put on prescription formula. From the moment she started the prescription formula she stopped screaming, vomiting (profusely anyways), and having diarrhea. This was such a relief for all of us, but also made our journey with food allergies more complicated as she got older. Eventually this daughter had 8 food allergies and anaphylaxis to peanuts. This is what really launched me into the world of food allergies more than ever before.

Then my third daughter arrived and so did more food allergies. Her vomiting out did my second daughter which was quite impressive. Thankfully since we had been down this road before, we were much quicker to diagnose her food allergies. She too went on prescription formula and thrived right away as well. At this point, our whole family needed to be on specialized diets so I dove head long into allergy friendly baking and cooking.

We successfully and joyfully live without many foods in our everyday lives.  I have been making specialized diet meals and baking for over 10 years.  In that time, I have helped families with children get started on specialized diets and taught baking classes as well.  My own personal experiences and passion for kids and their parents has launched my career as a specialized diet consultant.  I look forward to helping you with your food allergy/restriction lifestyle while encouraging you and giving you hope.

Since I have been baking for my family with multiple food allergies successfully, I can also help those with top 8 allergies.  This can be tricky for some, but I have spent countless hours building a repertoire of great recipes specifically for these clients. It is time for you to eat and live joyfully, let’s do this together! 🙂