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My husband works for a dental lab and attends many trade shows. He finds new products at these shows and brings them home for us to try. This one in particular, Hello toothpaste, he was very excited about and thought I would be too since it is a natural toothpaste. I’ve honestly never thought about using a natural toothpaste, but it only makes sense since I am very careful to use natural products in most areas of our lives. Hello toothpaste sent us a free sample to try along with a guide telling us about their company and products. I have given you several photos below out of their guide.

I posted the picture above on social media about a month ago and had several people ask questions about natural toothpaste, fluoride, and it’s safety. On Instagram I follow Gena (pronounced Jenna) at Symplynourished. Can I just tell you for a minute how much I love following Gena? She has been the sweetest, supportive, and encouraging lady. If you’re on Instagram go on over and follow her and check out her new blog with the link above. There you will find information about holistic health, great recipes, and life with a food allergic child. Gena is a dental hygienist by trade and has worked in a traditional dental office and a holistic dental office that didn’t use fluoride treatments. When I posted on Instagram that I was going to test this toothpaste out and others had questions about it, Gena was our sounding board. She has kindly written a very thorough post answering all of our questions about oral health in regards to traditional toothpaste vs. natural toothpaste. It is a must read, I learned a lot from reading her post and know you will too. 🙂 Thanks Gena for a great and informative post!

I have now been using the Hello Toothpaste for about a month. It is important to me when I am writing a review to be sure I have given a product enough time to give an accurate review. Here is my honest review of the Hello Toothpaste. When I thought about using this toothpaste, I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive. I have sensitive teeth and have grown accustomed to using traditional whitening toothpaste. The sample I received in the mail from Hello was about a month’s worth so I figured I could use it until it was gone. I tried the extra whitening, but there are several other flavors including a sensitive one on the way.

Hello Adult Toothpaste

Here is a picture of the ingredients.

Hello Toothpaste Ingredients

I was very pleasantly surprised with this toothpaste. When I brush my teeth, the most important thing to me is that my teeth FEEL clean and smooth, the sweaters get removed well. 😉 The Hello Toothpaste definitely left my teeth feeling clean and smooth. The next important thing to me in a toothpaste is that it gives me fresh breath. I will give this toothpaste and ok in this department. The flavor of the toothpaste that I tried has a mild minty flavor with a hint of coconut. Now, I think the flavor of this toothpaste is very good and refreshing, but it doesn’t leave me with super fresh breath like traditional toothpaste does. Whitening is at the bottom of my list of what I want in a toothpaste, but I like to keep my teeth at their “normal” color. I haven’t used this toothpaste for long enough I don’t think to make a great judgment call on whether this toothpaste is good for whitening. In the month that I did use it I will say that my teeth stayed the same color which is a good sign to me. The Hello Toothpaste I noticed doesn’t foam at all. This isn’t a bad thing it is jsut different from traditional toothpaste and takes getting used to. All in all I was very impressed with this toothpaste and will continue to use it. It does have fluoride, though I’m not sure which ingredient is the fluoride.

They also have kids toothpaste that I have heard great things about, but my kids haven’t tried it yet.

Hello Kids Toothpaste

The price is more than traditional toothpaste, but not as much as I anticipated. I would love to hear your thoughts if you try it!

*There are affiliate links above for your convenience and helps support my blog 🙂 always be sure to check ingredients to be sure the items are safe for you.


  1. Great post Laura! It really looks to be a great brand and I love that they offer both fluoride free and fluoridated toothpaste! The other nice thing is that it’s so readily available to the public, being available at Target etc. I think that can sometimes be a detererant, that you have to go to a specialty store to get a more natural toothpaste.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be checking them out!


    • Laura

      Hi Gena, thanks for your feedback and help with the post! That’s great to hear that is is available at stores like Target, I haven’t purchased it yet. I look forward to hearing what you think. 🙂

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